Op: 31-08-2020

The Museum of the Canals welcomes groups. The multimedia exhibition is very suitable for group visits. The Museum of the Canals has special rates for school classes, which can be found on our education page.

For groups bigger than 15 people, the price is reduced. Instead of € 15,00 the price is € 12.50 per person.

You can also visit The Museum of the Canals outside our regular opening hours. Send us an email to learn more about the possibilities.

You can book your visit by sending an email to: mail@grachten.museum

Please include the following information in your email at all times:

  • When would you like to come? (date and time)
  • With how many adults and children?
  • Would you like to pay at the till, or would you prefer to pay afterwards by invoice? If you choose an invoice, what is the invoice address?
  • What language does the group speak?
  • Are there any other details, for example people with walking difficulties?