The Andriessen Room in the Museum of the Canals has been given an entirely new look. At the end of April, the walls and frames of the room were renovated and the room was enriched with a ceiling painting.

The walls of the Andriessen Room, around the murals, are now painted in green. This color was chosen after the discovery of green during color research on the walls of the room.  

On top of this, the gold leaf of the frames around the murals was restored and the other frames in the room were gilded.

The ceiling painting by Pascal Amblard is the highlight of the renovation. In the ceiling painting, we see a twenty-first-century story depicted in the style of an eighteenth-century painting. For this ceiling painting, Amblard was inspired by the history of the city of Amsterdam and how people of different faiths lived together in this city. Amblard, therefore, wanted to depict a peaceful relationship between people from different parts of the world. The renovated Andriessen Room can now be admired in the Museum of the Canals.