Quiet garden

The garden of the Museum of the Canals was laid out in 2022 and is an ode to four centuries of Amsterdam canal gardens. Due to weather conditions, the garden is closed until spring 2024.

House rules in the garden

  • We ask visitors to be as quiet as possible, so that it remains a quiet garden.
  • It is forbidden to make phone calls.
  • It is not allowed enter the garden with large groups.
  • It is not allowed to eat and drink.
  • The benches in the garden are intended for people who have difficulty walking.


About the garden

Just like architecture and art, garden designs were subject to fashion. Elements from those different periods can be seen in the garden. It is designed in such a way that there is a lot of greenery and color and attracts many birds.

The four antique statues in the garden represent the four seasons. The statues are carved from Italian limestone. The fountain comes from France and has a 16-piece pond edge with an accolade motif. In the center of the pond are four winged horses surmounted by putti carrying scalloped shells. Sometimes we can open the garden to visitors. You can go down the stairs in the hall and there is the entrance to our (silent) garden. Ask our employees if the garden is open today.