Autumn program 2020

Op: 28-09-2020

Update 25-11-2020: the events below are cancelled due to coronameasures.

Autumn has arrived and the darker the days get, the cosier it is at the Museum of the Canals. This autumn we planned events for both young and old during the colder, festive days. Join us with a hot chocolate or mulled wine in our decorated, historic rooms!

Please note: we have a limited capacity to warrant enough distance for your safety. Full = full!

Evening opening – Christmas wreath

December 17th 20.00-22.30 hrs
Visit the museum at its best: fully decorated with Christmas ornaments in the period rooms and get into the Christmas spirit! Hot chocolate and mulled wine included of course.

Sinterklaas in The Museum of the Canals

November 29th 10.00 – 13.00 hrs
December 2nd 15.00 – 18.00 hrs
We received a letter from Spain from none other than Sinterklaas himself!
He is looking forward to return to the museum with his Pieten and would like you to come along with your class, brothers or sisters. You can even pick a present, but only if you’ve been sweet this year…

Would you like to attend one of the activities? Please send an email to rsvp@grachten.museum if you would like to visit and receive more information! Registration is mandatory for all activities.