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Meet the artist

Meet Robin Kapitein, the artist of Amsterdam in stained glass at the Museum of the Canals! Especially for this exhibition, Robin Kapitein has created new work in which he has incorporated the canals of Amsterdam and other Amsterdam icons in his own distinctive style. On 13 April, the second-to-last day of the exhibition, Robin Kapitein will be present in the museum from 12:00 pm to 17:00 pm. So come and have a chat, ask questions and, of course, view the exhibition.


Tijdelijke tentoonstelling Amsterdam glas in lood
Tijdelijke tentoonstelling Amsterdam glas in lood

Exhibition: Robin Kapitein – Amsterdam in stained glass

Robin Kapitein (1992) is an artist from Amsterdam-North who puts a contemporary spin on the old craft of stained glass. His work reflects typical Amsterdam characteristics, as well as influences from hip-hop and street culture. In doing so, he makes a somewhat forgotten craft appealing again to a new audience. For this exhibition in the museum’s Rode Salon (Red Saloon), Robin has specially created new work, incorporating Amsterdam’s canals and other Amsterdam icons in his own style. In the audio tour, Robin talks about his love for this art form and comments on the works on display.

On view: 13 November 2023 until the 14 April 2024

Location: Red Salon in the Museum of the Canals (Grachtenmuseum)


Exhibition: Who lived here?

Many prominent Amsterdammers lived in this house on the Herengracht; bankers, mayors and influential people from Amsterdam. This part of Amsterdam’s Canal District was where some of the most wealthy people built their homes. Over the past 400 years, this house has been a place where many joys and sorrows have been shared, until the opening of the museum in 2012.
In this exhibition, we highlight three remarkable former residents. The first residents of this house in the 17th century, a banker who co-financed the United States’ fight for independence a century later and the last resident of this house at the beginning of the 20th century.

On view: 13 November 2023 until the 30 June h 2024

Location: Ballroom in the Museum of the Canals (Grachtenmuseum)

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