Perhaps the composition below reminds you of the fresco of the Last Judgment in the Sistine Chapel. The piece of art by Pascal Amblard, however, has a less traditional theme. Watch closely the ethnicity of the angels and gods on the painting. Besides white characters, you can also spot African, Asian and South-American looking figures.

There is quite some preliminary work to do for the painting, that will be placed sometime in 2022. For example, how do you create realistic looking angels with a non-white skin color? For this reason Pascal has done some preliminary studies, that can be seen in the museum until the twelfth of december. Also important: how does the color of the ceiling painting match the existing colors of the murals in the Andriessenroom? To answer these question Amblard has recreated a work by Andriessen. The eighteenth century painter worked with quite dark colors, which have gotten even more darker during the centuries.

Amblard takes the painting with him to his studio in Domancy, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, where he is finishing the project. In this way he can recreate the colors in the best way. He will produce the painting in four loose parts, that will be attached to the ceiling of the Andriessenroom during his next visit to Amsterdam. Visitors of the museum who will walk into the room will have a remarkable experience from then on. A classical looking ceiling painting, that is nevertheless designed in an inclusive, modern way. How many will notice the details, and how many will walk by without noticing?

Keep checking the website and social media to know when the ceiling painting will be placed in 2022!